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I'm Emilien Kenler. I'm currently studying at the University of Technology of Compi├Ęgne (France). I expect to obtain my master degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2014. My speciality is the Systems and Computer Networks.

I work as an auto-entrepreneur since 2011. I've created a Minecraft server hosting provider (HostYourCreeper) and I am working for TaDaweb for a few months now.

As a system administrator, my favorite tools are Xen Hypervisor for virtualization, NginX with PHP-FPM for webservers and MariaDB for SQL. As a developper, I used to create projects with PHP frameworks like Zend Framework or symfony.

But these things are parts of the old stack. Now, I'm more something like a DevOps. I use Puppet or CFEngine to configure the servers and Nagios to monitor them. My favorite development language is now Node.js and I try to make the best use of NoSQL technology, so I use MongoDB and Redis. RabbitMQ is a tool that I use in most of my projects.

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